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Understanding Dental Hygienists and Dental Therapists at Practice 32 Dental

Here at Practice 32 Dental, we take pride in our team of dental hygienists and dental therapists who have undergone rigorous training to provide the best care alongside our dentists. Many of our professionals are dual-qualified in both roles, ensuring a holistic approach to your dental care.

Role of the Dental Hygienist at Practice 32 Dental

Our dental hygienists focus primarily on preventive dental health, including the treatment of gum diseases. They are experts in showing you how to maintain optimal oral health, such as by demonstrating proper home care techniques. One of the most sought-after services they provide is the ‘scale and polish’ procedure. They also educate our patients on maintaining a plaque-free mouth and offer dietary advice to prevent tooth decay. Partnering closely with our dental team, our hygienists ensure every patient receives individualized care.

Role of the Dental Therapist at Practice 32 Dental

Going beyond the responsibilities of a dental hygienist, our dental therapists also conduct several procedures typically associated with dentists. This includes fillings, extracting primary teeth, and utilizing all the materials commonly used by dentists. They can handle nearly any adult tooth issue, excluding treatments to the tooth’s nerve. However, restorations such as crowns for adult teeth are not within their purview.

Additional Services by Our Dental Hygienists

Besides their core responsibilities, our dental hygienists are skilled in taking dental x-rays, placing fissure sealants, and administering fluoride treatments. They also commonly perform tooth whitening treatments, under prescriptions from our dentists.

Accessibility to a Dental Hygienist at Practice 32 Dental

We believe in a comprehensive approach to oral health. While not every dental clinic provides access to a dental hygienist or therapist, Practice 32 Dental ensures these services are available to our patients, whether directly or through referrals.

Why Opt for These Dental Services?

Maintaining oral health goes beyond aesthetic appeal. Regular professional cleaning, combined with diligent home care, ensures your oral well-being, preserving your teeth and ensuring fresh breath.

The Proactive Approach of Our Hygienists

Our hygienists play a pivotal role in preventing dental diseases. Their training emphasizes the meticulous removal of tartar and patient education to prevent its reoccurrence. With their guidance on diet and preventive care, you can trust in maintaining a healthy mouth.

Additional Assistance for All Ages

Whether you’re an adult struggling with decay or a child in need of preventive measures, our team offers solutions. From fluoride treatments to special coatings for permanent teeth, we have your family covered. We also provide invaluable guidance for those with implants or orthodontic appliances.

Why Trust a Hygienist Over a Dentist for Some Procedures?

While some dentists offer hygienic services, our dental hygienists at Practice 32 Dental have dedicated training in these procedures, allowing them to spend more quality time with each patient.

Concerned About Pain or Cost?

We ensure every procedure is as comfortable as possible. If any discomfort arises, we are equipped to manage it immediately. As for the costs, they may vary. We recommend discussing the pricing beforehand and will gladly provide a written quotation.

Maximizing Your Dental Hygiene Between Visits

You, as our patient, play a significant role in maintaining oral health. Our hygienists equip you with the knowledge and tools to ensure you’re taking the best care of your mouth between visits. We suggest three easy steps:

  1. Brush with fluoride toothpaste before bed and at least once more daily.
  2. Limit the frequency of sugary foods and drinks.
  3. Regularly visit Practice 32 Dental as recommended by our team.

Incorporating these practices, alongside the expert advice from our team, ensures a lasting, bright smile. Consider sugar-free gum post meals to further combat decay, and always trust the comprehensive care from Practice 32 Dental in Colorado Springs.

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