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Olivia Shannon, RDH

Meet Olivia Shannon, a skilled and experienced dental hygienist who has been providing top-notch dental care for over 12 years. Located in the beautiful city of Colorado Springs, Olivia takes pride in her work and strives to give her patients the best dental experience possible. Her passion for dentistry shines through in her work and she is dedicated to helping her patients achieve optimal oral health.

Olivia’s journey in dentistry began over a decade ago when she graduated from dental hygiene school. Since then, she has honed her skills and developed a deep understanding of the intricacies of dental hygiene. Her patients appreciate her kind and gentle nature, as well as her ability to make them feel at ease during their visits. Olivia’s goal is to provide personalized care to each patient, making sure they feel heard and valued.

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As an independent dental hygienist, Olivia has the freedom to focus solely on her patients and their needs. She uses the latest techniques and equipment to provide thorough cleanings and oral exams, ensuring that her patients receive the highest level of care. Olivia is committed to continuing education, attending seminars and workshops to stay up-to-date on the latest advancements in dental hygiene. Her passion for learning and dedication to her profession make her a valuable asset to the dental community.

In summary, Olivia Shannon is a highly skilled and compassionate dental hygienist who has been serving patients for over a decade. Her commitment to patient care and her passion for dentistry make her a standout in her field. If you are looking for a dental hygienist who will go above and beyond to make sure you receive the best possible care, look no further than Olivia Shannon.

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I highly recommend Practice 32. Olivia is very knowledgeable. She has state of the art equipment and takes the time to explain what she is doing, explains how to properly floss and how to take the best care of your teeth. Very different from any other teeth cleaning I've ever experienced! Definitely check out Practice 32!
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When I went to Practice 32, I found Olivia to be very professional and friendly. The office was immaculate, beautifully decorated and calming. Olivia spent more time than any other dental hygienist I had been to explaining her process and how to better care for my teeth...
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Not only are my teeth super clean, I learned so much in how to properly clean my teeth. Trust me, I thought I knew what I was doing but Olivia showed me the way!! If you want great care and knowledge, go see Olivia. Wouldn’t go anywhere else!!
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This was the most pleasant and relaxing dental cleaning that I’ve ever had. Olivia was patient and kind, and explained the process and the equipment. I found it both interesting and informative! I appreciate that she was also able to take X-rays, which can be sent to my new dentist. Olivia will be my hygienist from here on out. Thank you!
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Olivia is a wonderful! This is the first time I’ve used the guided biofilm therapy, and my teeth felt so much cleaner than a traditional cleaning. Highly recommend!


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